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12 Nov 2018

Victorians to take credit for the jobs they do at home

Doctors have the chance to be recognised for their dog walking skills, plumbers can be celebrated as TV technicians and chief executives can take credit for their nightly tuck-ins on WorkSafe’s annual Jobs at Home Day.

11 Oct 2016

Health and Safety winners named in prestigious 2016 awards

An injured worker who underwent multiple surgeries in his determination to get back to work, a Victoria Police employee who fought for a healthier office for colleagues, and a robotics company that invented a safer system for cutting large carcasses were among the winners of the 2016 WorkSafe Awards.

01 Oct 2015

Experts shine spotlight on health and safety

A world leader in mental health care, an expert in dealing with major emergencies, a young sportsman who recovered from a catastrophic workplace injury to excel as an athlete, experts in pain management, and some of Victoria’s leading businesspeople are among the keynote speakers at Health and Safety Week.

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