Wednesday 16 November 2016

Your most important reason for staying safe

The most important reason for staying safe at work isn’t at work at all – it’s at home.


That’s the message from WorkSafe as part of its ‘Jobs at Home Day’ campaign which prompts employers and workers to discuss safety and the reasons to stay safe at work – to return home to loved ones.

The campaign follows the release of WorkSafe statistics that show November and December are typically the most dangerous time of year for workers.

More than 9,600 Victorians participated in Jobs at Home Day in 2015. Now in its fourth year, the campaign aims to start a conversation among colleagues about what their jobs at home are. Whether it is chief couch warmer, lead bed time story teller or head chef – it’s the precious time spent with loved ones that’s the most important reason to return home safe.

From today, employers and workers can visit to create their own free custom Jobs at Home Day badge – or order one for a co-worker, friend or family member – and wear it to work on Friday 9 December, the official Jobs at Home Day.

Each person who orders or receives a badge will enter the draw to win one of five $1,000 Coles Group and Myer gift cards.

WorkSafe Chief Executive Clare Amies said the campaign had an important message about the impact of a serious injury or fatality.

“It is a tragic reality that this time of year is more dangerous for workers than any other time,” Ms Amies said.

“Too many families will not get to wake up and enjoy Christmas morning with their loved one because they never made it home. When someone is seriously injured or loses their life in a workplace incident, it has a ripple effect on everyone connected with that person – their family, friends and co-workers.

Last year 19 workers lost their lives in a workplace incident, with eight of those occurring in November alone.

“It’s vital to have a discussion about safety and why it’s important to return home safe from work every day," Ms Amies said. "It’s often those morning chats over coffee or discussions about what’s planned for the weekend that people talk about their loved ones or how the kids are doing at school or about an upcoming holiday. It’s important to remember the life outside of work which could be torn apart by a tragic incident.”

Ms Amies said this time of year often meant deadlines were more demanding and employers and workers may be rushing to finish projects.

“The drive to get a job done before the Christmas break can sometimes mean health and safety is not at the forefront of everyone’s mind at this time of year,” Ms Amies said.

“It’s why we are asking people to have that discussion about safety and remember the most important reason to stay safe at work. I encourage all workers and employers to go online, choose a job at home title and make a badge to wear to work on 9 December and start a conversation about safety.

“Everyone deserves to go home from work safely, every day.”

For more information or to order a Jobs at Home Day badge visit:

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